13 Steps to Prep Your Home for Vacation

13 Steps to Prep Your Home for Vacation

Prior to the summer holidays, we strive on schedule all the details of our trips so that everything goes perfectly: transport, accommodation, luggage, visits of interest, etc. But, at the same time, the illusion out to spend a few days out at family leads to neglecting an issue during the holidays, as it is the leave the empty House.

If we don’t prepare our home for the holidays, on our way back we can meet with unpleasant surprises as bad odours, dirt, dried plants, ants, supplies leak or even a theft. To avoid any of these disorders, we recommend that before leaving with suitcases through the door and leave your empty House, you have in mind these tips:

Get general cleaning: there is no better hosting the house cleaning at our return from vacation. In addition, with a general cleaning will prevent the occurrence of ants and other insects that are attracted by food scraps. You will also avoid proliferation odors.

Empty the dirty clothes basket: if possible, it is preferable to wash and iron all the dirty clothes before going on holiday. On the one hand, to avoid build-up of odors and, on the other hand, welcome on our way back, when you touch washing bags for the holidays.

Close the valves of the gas, water and light (where you have used the holiday to empty the fridge and not going to let any light on in your absence). Also check that the entire House faucets are tightly closed, including hoses and irrigation water outlets. When you charge a neighbor or family member the task of watering the plants or to feed your pets, inform you properly.

Prepare your fridge with these tips for preparing the fridge for the holidays. Take or strip all perishable foods as if they are inside and outside the fridge.

Responsible for the care of plants or animals to family, friends or neighbors. Especially if you are going to be long periods away from home, charge anyone in total confidence caring for your plants or your pets not to find you with surprises on your return.

It diverts your landline calls or low volume of calls. A phone that rings constantly while nobody take it is a clear sign for the thieves that the House is empty.

Ask someone to collect your mail: If you’ll be away from home for a long time, it is better to a neighbor or family member is responsible for pick up the mail, at least once a week. In this way, the mailbox not betrays the absence of tenants during the holidays.

If you can, place a timer so some lights on from time to time (as the of the entry of the House or room) and thus appear that the House is not empty. In addition, you can ask your neighbor occasionally hanging some clothes in the tendal for the same purpose.

Remember the littering and clean the bin to avoid bad smell at home or in the kitchen. It also covers household appliances and kitchen utensils such as toasters, juicers juice, skimmers, etc. so that they fill with dust in your absence. You can also save it in closets or cabinets.

Let the dishwasher empty and clean. If you leave dirty dishes in the interior, it is likely that proliferé the rust and accumulate an unpleasant odor inside the appliance. Lets clean the kitchen sink, checking that there are no bits of food that may cause bad odours. If you wish, take advantage to clean drains and avoid the smell of pipes on your return.

Let the blinds half open so that I don’t have the feeling that the House is empty. Get them the least not too into the Sun.

Well ventilated the House before you leave so renewed air and dissipate the smell accumulated in the last hours, especially in the kitchen.

Connect the alarm so you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. If you can, keep control of your alarm through your mobile phone to be able to manage it remotely during the holidays.

Wooden Windows Home Design Ideas

Wooden Windows Home Design Ideas

Every day we see a wide variety of designs of wooden windows, whether it is buying a new home, but what happens if we do not take into account that model is that we want for our House, that would become a big problem for us.

The most exclusive designs of wooden windows are structured to spacious houses to make it look very modern and elegant.

Therefore, to select amazing images of designs for wooden window so that you can choose that type of window goes best with your home.

The square windows are favored by most people, since they are accessible and comfortable to add a shade to suit.

These types of windows are designed for houses, mosaic, since it gives a special touch to every home.

I hope that these modern designs of wooden windows will help you add a touch of your personal style, be sure to renew your home with these beautiful windows.

If you want to learn more about modern houses fronts don’t forget to keep visiting our blog, for more ideas that I am sure they will help you choose a home to your taste.

Selecting Ceiling Color

Selecting Ceiling Color

It is very common that we see in home white ceiling, but this necessarily has to be so. Although painting in light colors and tones has a sense, since it gives light, feeling of spaciousness, altitude and cleaning, a touch of color to the roof of our rooms can generate a sense of total renewal, if we consider some questions to select the color and effect and feeling that each of them generates. Therefore, here we help you to choose the colors to decorate the ceiling.

Roofing colors: sensations
The consequences of each color brings with it when it is applied on the roof is something important.

Thus, colors and dark tones in the ceilings tend to lower them, so are ideal for old houses with high ceiling, although we can also use them in rooms with low ceilings is not desirable if it is very broad, since it will give a sense of disproportionate elongated space.

You should also consider the color of the walls, it is important that you never forget that the color scheme has some rules. Always use a color that contrasts with the color of the walls and that be dark if the idea is to make the ceiling look closer to our heads.

Which color to choose?
The colors themselves also generate sensations in the environment. If you use colors Blue, violet and magenta or even grayscale that space will tend to cool down, on the other hand warm colours give joy and life as red, yellow or orange.

It is recommended to yellow in the kitchen, since it gives life to the home, or even one in a stronger as the purple tone, since kitchens tend to be long. This will give greater length the same.

Choose the right color to paint the ceiling is important also for the lighting. There are a variety of colors in lights ranging from white to yellow or orange. If you have painted the ceiling blue, then maybe right for you this cold color give a touch of warmth and light, rather than a white, slightly yellowish.

In addition, the light reflected on the ceiling and this overflow by the rest of the room. Keep in mind this, because great and funny effects can be achieved using strong ceiling color. For example, if you are using a red color in the dining room of your home you can place white furniture which is stained a pink light bouncing in the afternoon.

Remember that you must not only be a solid color, you can generate patterns or coloured blocks. I recommend you to see some tips for painting ceilings of colors in the appropriate manner.

Ideas for Functional Outdoor Spaces

Ideas for Functional Outdoor Spaces

The creation, design and decoration of your outdoor seating area is an essential part in all functional creation of your garden.

Whether you are going to use it for entertainment, to sit by the pool, or just to relax next to a fireplace, this area in your garden is a very prominent in all the design feature and can define the usefulness and the advantage of the available space in the open air.

Choose the best for your home garden design requires careful planning and attention to various details that are very important.

Materials of paving, garden furniture, accessories, and even plants and their life can significantly influence the final and general appearance of your design.

This type of features in your garden are also used to mix lounge outdoors with the House style you have and all the general design.

The design planning.

An outdoor patio is typically designed for a specific purpose. Prior to the selection of materials, accessories or any other decoration outdoors, think carefully about how you are going to use and that functions to play your backyard in the majority of circumstances.

Think about the size of the space available for your yard and decides on the best features for the area you are going to use. It is possible that you want a terrace to sit by the pool or a retreat with pergola to escape the heat of noon or simply a set of dining room with canopy. Barbecues are also interesting options to add in your garden, because with them you will be able to enjoy food in good company.

In your garden, both family and friends will feel attracted and congregate in open spaces.

As a designer, you decide where to place these areas and as furnish them; think about the design and take time to evaluate all the options that you can take advantage will help you to choose better ways and ideas to develop in your decoration.

In thinking about how the different parts of your garden and the living areas and even the amount of guests or people who normally enjoy them will be used, you will be able to create zones especially worked to this end.

A fence or artistically decorated fence can form the backdrop of a cosy lounge outdoor area.

It sets limits to define the area of seats and benches.

It makes decisions that adapt to your space. For large spaces, a source of water and a lot of plants can make a great backdrop.

The size and the amount of privacy within a living outdoor area are signs of a good design and are critical.

You can keep your seating outdoor small and intimate as a secluded retreat area, or on the contrary you can design it big and open. Limits are which establish in this regard and you and your preferences depend on settle on one or the other option.

Obviously, if space permits, you will want to have large areas of living that you can always, in small scale, transform into intimate spaces.
One way more simple and easy to set limits on your living room to the outdoors, is to take advantage of the structures, such as your home or garage, to define the perimeter of the living area. You can also create boundaries using plants or constructed elements, such as fences, pergolas, lattices, or screens.

For these rest areas, get and try as far as possible, that these structures delimiting enjoyable aesthetically. This type of fence, separations or limits are necessary not only to establish the size and purpose of a space, but also to hide and provide privacy, framing desirable visits and adding character to a space in our garden design.

However, it is possible to have high adjoining houses and have to set these limits or barriers to your privacy so that the view from above is what most private possible. To do this, you can do so easily by installing a large umbrella placed strategically.

For a more permanent means of privacy, you can use a pergola that afternoon can cover it with plants vines.

Some purposely placed trees or large shrubs can also do the work once have grown a little.

Choose a floor that fits your space and budget.

Soil and pavement is one of the things that you have to be careful in the decoration of your garden. Use a flooring for artificial stone, not only garden gives an attractive, natural appearance, but is also practical, giving the furniture that you use in your decor, a flat surface and stable where rest.

Once you have decided on the size and the General limits for your living room, you’re ready to take action and follow with the choice of the different aspects that are still you, including the soil, since it is a very important aspect in terms of decoration and that more space may occupy within it.

This selection and their materials for your garden and your living room floor, there are many options from which to choose, including natural stone, brick, pavers, concrete, gravel, etc. Make your choice will vary between the use you want to give you, your budget and tastes or needs.

Regarding your budget for materials, it is always good to use one higher for those accessories game, in this case the floor of your living room, you’re going more to use. Natural stone gives exceptional results, however perhaps is the most expensive item in the range.

On the other hand, concrete or artificial stone is the great alternative to natural stone.

Artificial stone garden soil is cheaper per square metre and in addition has the versatility of easily adapt to irregular shapes you can have in your garden. To do this you have to add that their designs are creative and exceptional finishes.

Gravel is probably the cheapest option of soil for garden. It may seem that it is not very attractive, but you can use it to dress the soil in your yard by the inclusion of sharp edges to define the area.

Edges of steel, paving stones, bricks on the edge or even artificial stone kerbs, do you set clean lines while you add visual interest.

You can mix the materials to be effective in strengthening your design concept. The use of different materials provided to your lounge outdoors nuances and sensations that are not monotonous. In this regard, it optimizes textures to add volume and cohesion between the different materials that you use.

In any case, before the final selection of the soil in your garden, consider the eventual use and especially the garden furniture you want to install in the area.

Furniture with thin legs, like metal chairs, require a paving with joints closer and less spaced for stability.

Traction is also important, uses soil for your garden that are Frost non-slip to prevent slips when they are wet or damp.

It makes your final decision based not only on your style and budget, but also in the practical sense of the materials in its use of living space.

It outlines and softens the hard limits.

Once you’ve established the limits and you have installed the ground, you may find yourself with these constructed elements must be softened or you can downplay by decrease the contrast between the design of your garden and the environment.

In this regard, it is important only to display and not eliminate fundamental boundaries and your flooring lines, since their presence ensures a seating area you feel organized and with purpose.

A method of softening hard edges and these lines is to incorporate borders planted, add plants as barriers delimiting. This type of barriers even if you choose them previously, allows you the possibility to make changes in your plants during its construction.

You can challenge the tight spaces of these barriers by creating softness without taking up much space. It uses plants vines against fences or walls you have to create walls that give a vivid visual aspect to your stay.

The use of plants with narrow upright growth habits, can create life. This soft space division creates volume and does not diminish you site in the area.

Another way to give life to the rigid walls and fences, especially on narrow points within the borders, is to create an illusion of a larger space.

You can install false windows, panels can replace them with mirrors to reflect the surrounding green space.

Try and use accessories with decorative combinations, such as flower pots that add color, texture and movement at the time that softens the edges and corners of your living room, even the vertical edges of walls and fences. All these elements act as a natural decor, transforming a simple seating area in a comfortable and cozy space in the open air.

Create a comfortable and functional outdoor seating area is one of the most rewarding tasks in the design of your garden. Not only will you get to implement the area, but that in addition this transformation of the area gives functionality to your home and garden that lacked previously, giving and giving your spaces with more functional elements and creating large and optimized areas.

Small House Interior Design Home Design Ideas

Small House Interior Design Home Design Ideas

The small houses are increasingly common, is living in cities color busy not any allows us to enjoy large spaces, but you can still get it creating welcoming environments. If we put all our dedication and creativity in the work to decorate our small home, we can have excellent results. The best thing is that pretending to be more spacious, bright rooms, and all the thanks the correct decoration.

To decorate small inside i reduced, not mirror is basic, since this increases visually throughout the inside of the House, and is multiplied by a delete day mil light. The effect of amplitude directed by mirrors decoration gives rare room not of sophistication.

You must first choose the shade of the walls of small inside. If you not happy space, it is necessary to choose Orange, ochre, yellow, pink, for example.
Internal of the House insists that trying to find “the best orange in the world”. If you not any can find the right shade, consider the mixture. You can save time and money.

The secret here is that not any exceed decoration i furnished, often the less can mean more, the good choice of furniture needed to achieve not good leading result.

The classic example in the case are the chairs and sofas, so i well add more details from ing respect as a tea table and other parts supplied coordinate in appearance. This will the be doing not straightforward but well thought of aesthetic work.
Design Internal of the small houses

Houses with small dimensions are becoming more common, is that enough to live in populated cities not any access enjoy spacious, but when you can succeed in creating environments that are attractive, comfortable and cozy. If you put age imagination dedication in the decoration of interiors of small houses, I could achieve very good results. Best of all is that they simulate spacious and bright spaces all the thanks a suitable decoration applied.
There are several tricks that can help the make the most of not very small place in your home age even make them seem more spacious feel much more comfortable and proud of their land that was small color not principle, but now really big. To do this, then I’ll the give some tips so that you put in place when you go the decorate the inside of their little House:

Try not any leaning towards his house too, remember that less is more. Too ornate place seem smaller than it is. You should buy only furniture that can meet your needs, but will the create not uncomfortable and crowded place.
Image: decorated white living room.

Get on the roof. You must install high curtains of fabric with access the fall freely and draw attention to the upper part. Place the photos on the walls and other decorative elements on the wall of the rooms in his house to also increase the height.

Use the reflection. Glass mirrors provide breadth the rooms when they are strategically placed to reflect something beautiful.
You must add built-in furnishings. It is necessary because just remove not little space and offer not grandmother space to serve storage, it is perfect for home with a small combination. I recommend it to any not miss an inch of space.

It is necessary to define not just different spaces. Divide one stay of another without opt-out completely different colors of floors and walls. Each room not given the specific treatment. Use colors very similar to the unification and seeks not balance to not only place is created without recharging of many colors and patterns. Cakes and white always tend the give a feeling of spaciousness ing place. Pale colors are also moving extends stay while that shrinkage and dark colors recede.

You must invite ing Sun entering the inside of the rooms. This requires that you have large windows to let in more easily the pure light, illuminating, which reflected on the walls even more somber space age. During some rooms that require little privacy as not not bedroom i’s bathroom, can connect accessories such as curtains, for example., which can come much easier to let the light pure and light delete Sun on the inside.

Best One-Time Cleaning Services

Best One-Time Cleaning Services

The progressive outsourcing by companies, public and private organizations have led to a sustained growth of the sector of cleaning services. Homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, shops, clinics and hospitals, schools and public agencies… There is a constant demand for cleaning, which responds to two basic needs: hygiene and image. Everything can be cleaned: crystals, floors, upholstery, ceilings, walls, landscaped areas, monuments…

Cleaning of buildings is the most significant segment, but also have important segments such as industrial cleaning, transportation and pest control services.

Business opportunities

Multiservice. The unstoppable trend to outsource cleaning services and centralized cleaning and maintenance in a single provider is promoting growth of multiservice companies and management and maintenance of real estate assets. It is, in general, medium-sized and large companies whose number is destined to grow, due to the strategy of diversification of large real estate groups, builders and maintenance and security companies.

Hardly a new business can encompass all the services and compete on equal terms with established companies. However, you can gain a foothold specializing in cleaning targeting less mature segments of demand, as, for example, shopping malls, homes for the elderly, residential blocks, establishments catering, etc., or to facilities for which required specific machinery or methods: health centres, nuclear plants, food processing companies, etc.

Technical cleaning. Opportunity for other specialized, multiservice enterprises technical cleaning. The emergence of new materials for cleaning, technological advances and the growing environmental sensitivity favours the growth of technical cleaning and new specializations: removing chewing gum and graffiti, cleaning of upholstered furniture, from rugs and carpets, blinds and curtains, polished, diamond and polishing of floors…

5 Tips for Moving in Winter

5 Tips for Moving in Winter

To know how go you during a move in winter you will be a great comfort. Here are some valuable tips to help you in case of winter moving.

1 monitor the weather closely
Despite the changing character of the temperature, follow the weather closely you will choose your moving day and avoid the days of storm. Plan your route in advance to find out what streets will be blocked by the movement of winter or snow.

2. keep the essential for the end
Embark on your essential items last truck, for example winter clothes, food, utensils and your toiletries, so unload them first. Keep the essentials at hand will allow you to react promptly if an unexpected storm occurs and you are unable to unload the vehicle quickly enough.

3 clear the aisles
Make sure that the aisles where you will walk with boxes, appliances and furniture are well learned, without snow or ice. Allied Van Lines recommends that you remove snow from your driveways and put salt in order to prevent the formation of ice on moving day.

4. wear appropriate winter clothing
Put several layers. Move remains difficult, even if the temperature is mild. Turn off your heating and leave the door open in order to balance the temperatures inside and outside and you save heat shock when you return and exit. Maintaining a cold environment will help your body make the transition between indoors and outdoors when you move boxes. If you get too hot, consider remove a layer of clothing, but let your body cool excessively.

5. enable utilities
Make sure that public services are in your new home in order to enjoy the warmth after your move. Any delay in the connection of your home could make it impossible for you to sleep if the temperature is too low.

Bedrooms with Traditional Elegance

Bedrooms with Traditional Elegance

This selection of delicious diets decoration bedroom should be enough to inspire romance in person, with sumptuous fabrics, headboard padded and swirling and abandoned crystal chandelier lighting designs.

The luxurious wallpaper in metallic gold in this context screams opulence and glamour when placed behind a loose black bold and accent pieces.

A Gothic style bedspread slightly adds depth to this light, lace inspired, room filled with accessories for the home complex.

If flowering heads are a bit heavy going for you, a silky quilted headboard can have a luxury look too, this system keeps frills to a minimum with only a few frills on a mirror on the ceiling, and it is strictly limited to the wall function of cover and perfectly matching curtains.

Similarly, this plan décor minimizes elements of opulence, with guarded accessories clean and simple, and modern shades placed above gems lustre to authorize flicker at a glance.

A romantic four-poster bed provide instant where wrapped in sheer, the pooling of fabric, and floral high wall panels covering behind it will bring an extra feminine touch to the room, aided by pretty sconces and a central sparkler.

Swags curtains drama and flying to these spaces to the extreme of style boudoir, probably on the fussy side for many people, but for a traditionalist who will only make you want about buffer in slippers marabout with a cheeky glass of champagne hand!

Tips for Exterior Home Design

Tips for Exterior Home Design
There are several tips for designers of outdoor (and for those who claim to be it) hanging around everywhere. Hundreds of them can be found on the Internet. But in all my years as artist of exterior designs have come to the conclusion that while there are many design tips, only a few are universal; and surely there is one only which can serve you. The only advice you need is different from the only advice that I need, since every project is different, so take your time to learn which can be about the topic before starting a project.

A which anyone can learn is that you always have to try to make the garden look their best at any time of the year. This can be to cheat in winter, when most of the things unseen as well. For this is that it is so important to learn about the kinds of plants and trees that can bring beauty to your home in the depth of winter and in the summer heat.

To find plants that can make your exterior design work it will require a little work extra. You will need to find out what are the plants that can thrive in your climate throughout the year; Remember that there are plants for desert areas. We are sure that some will grow better in certain months, but you need to have something that is attractive in your patio all year round. The best place where you can learn about tips for its exterior design is your local gardening. There are experts who can answer all your questions about decisions relating to plants and trees. If this doesn’t work for you, take a trip to your library and check some of the books on flowers and trees. They can be worth gold when you’re trying to choose as indicated for your garden.

Another good tip for its exterior design is to accommodate its plants by layers. This will bring you a feeling of unity and balance to your entire patio. To carry this the most you should use repeats in its design. Make the layers are repeated through the garden and will look much better.

Using Baking Soda to Clean the Kitchen

how to clean with baking soda

Some people will say that they can rely much on baking soda to clean the kitchen. Is it even possible? The fact is that baking soda is quite useful to clean various objects. We can call it a multi-purpose cleaner. Moreover, we can combine it with other liquids to clean numerous parts of the kitchen. There are many things we can do with it such as unclogging drains, polishing metals, and eradicating grease. These are how we should do:


Cleaning Up Grease

When it comes to clean up the grease, we should combine baking soda with vinegar. However, we must boil the vinegar first. Once the boiling vinegar is done, we can mix it with baking soda. The mixture should sit for at least 30 minutes. The last thing to do is to use the mixture to clean the surface of the kitchen. A wet sponge is a good choice. Don’t forget to rinse it.


Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Dirty and greasy kitchen appliances can be a nightmare for us. We need to clean them immediately. Baking soda works well with hydrogen peroxide. The paste is quite efficient to clean various kitchen utensils. It removes both greasy residue and water stains from kitchen utensils. The result is quite satisfying.


Cleaning an Oven

It’s a little bit complicated when it comes to cleaning an oven. However, we can easily clean it using baking soda. We only need a brush to clean the bottom and sides of the open. Mixing baking soda with water is compulsory. In order to remove baked-on food leftovers, we can mix vinegar with baking soda. Spray the paste on the surface of the oven.


Cleaning the Sink and Unclogging Kitchen Drains

In order to clean the sink, we must mix baking soda with lemon juice. The paste is quite strong to clean stainless steel sinks. When it comes to cleaning kitchen drains, we can put a few tbs. of baking soda into the kitchen drains. Next, we must pour in boiled vinegar. This way, the clogs particles will break up easily. The last thing to do is to rinse the drains with boiling water. This is an easy task. Everyone can do it, in fact.